Trion — Pilgrim (2007)

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When I heard Trion had released a second CD I was a bit suspicious. Tortoise was supposed to be an one offshot side project by members of Flamborough Head and Odyssice. That first release was excellent but it seemed to me it could not go further from that. Well, I was wrong. Pilgrim is quite a big step forward. So much it got me completely off guard. Those guys are in their prime both as songwriters and players.

Edo Spanninga keyboards are even more varied than before, using a vast array of old-but-gold analogic sounds like the Hammong Organ, Fender Rhodes piano, mini-moogs and, of course, mellotrons. Eddie Mulder´s guitar playing is another highlight thorughout the CD: he is an acomplished player of both the electric and the acoustic guitars. Sometimes his style bearing the trademarks of such great ones like Andy Latimer, Steve Hackett and Jan Akkerman. Menno Boomsma is also a precise and creative drummer.

The music on the album is that kind of instrumental progressive music that has the rare quality of mixing simple structures and melodies to fine craft and intricated arrangements. The result is both complex and accessible, captivating and challeging. One fo those rare albums you hear with the same pleasure from start to finich (ever rarer in a 76 minute long CD!).

Highlights? Yes! Giant Mn with its killer guitar solo and a wonderful mellotron sound that sends shivers down the spine everty time I hear it. The Silence Of The Universe (great Hammond Organ runs and good use of acoustic and eletric guitars sounds). And then, of course, there is Frank. Frank is a 22:57 prog epic that was born a classic. It has nods to early Genesis, Focus, Yes and Camel with many shifting moods, tempo changes and a grand finale that would make any of those great bands proud of. I never heard the original version of this song,but this one might be the definitve one! I´m really glad it was included as a bonus track!

This is one of the best prog albums of 2007 and certainly one of the top five instrumental prog albums of all time. A classic. Highly recommended!


01 - Pilgrim [7:46]
02 - Silence of the Universe [4:42]
03 - Walk On Land [5:16]
04 - How We Used To Go [2:09]
05 - The Magnificent Forest [4:59]
06 - Reveal the Mystery [4:12]
07 - Giant Man [4:36]
08 - The Book [5:51]
09 - Blue Shadows [3:08]
10 - A Dream [2:02]
11 - The Deep Ocean [4:04]
12 - Out There Somewhere (bonus) [4:26]
13 - Frank (bonus, new version) [22:57]
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