Porcupine Tree — We Lost The Skyline (2008)

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Release Date: February 18, 2008
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We Lost The Skyline is a live acoustic performance from Porcupine Tree, from an in-store performance at Park Avenue CDs in Orlando, Florida, with 200 fans in attendance. Although it was originally planned that the full band would play, lack of space dictated that it was only the two guitarists/singers Steven Wilson and John Wesley. This one-off performance was captured by a remote recording facility and the complete 8 song, 33 minute show is now being released in a mail order only CD, but the band are currently negotiating a low-key release for the CD through a number of independent stores in the USA that have supported Porcupine Tree over the last few years (including Park Avenue CDs itself).


01 - The Sky Moves Sideways [4:03]
02 - Even Less [3:28]
03 - Stars Die [4:34]
04 - Waiting [3:53]
05 - Normal [4:52]
06 - Drown With Me [4:10]
07 - Lazarus [4:29]
08 - Trains [4:04]
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Изображение пользователя Vermus.

Прослушал. Неплохо, хоть и музыкальности не хватает немного (обожаю соляки)) , но в целом маст хев)

Верная музыка!

Создано Vermus в вт., 26/02/2008 - 11:12.
Изображение пользователя Vermus.

Акустика, оооочень интересно... Завтра буду качать обязательно. )

Верная музыка!

Создано Vermus в пн., 25/02/2008 - 23:58.

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